Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Fans Take - Why I Love Sports is Obvious

Ryder Cup

I have not been able to watch golf since the Ryder Cup. I am not sure if that event impacts people the way it does me but by far it has become one of my favorite sporting events to watch. I thought going into this event that the US would win and the event would get back to an event that the home team would win 90% of the time. I am not so sure now.

By far the last two Ryder Cups have been two of the most exciting I have watched (outside of the one that I went to which was the greatest sporting event I have ever attended). The event in general just does not come down to the last two matches and this year and two years ago that was how the event played out.

There are people that blame Tiger, blame Davis, blame Stricker, blame Furyk, etc, etc. Me I credit the European team for not giving up and playing stellar golf and I also think one lucky putt by Justin Rose on #17 against Phil on Sunday is the thing that really turned the event around.

When Mickelson came wihtin inches of chipping the ball in on #17 I have to admit I thought the US Team had it locked up. At that point with where Rose was on the green, putting to that pin you had to think a two putt would be a challange because if anything he was going to roll it by four or five feet trying to make birdie so Phil has at least a half.  If that putt does not end up in the hole I think the comebacker would have been difficult to make. A miss on the comebacker then the Ryder Cup is over and the US wins. If Phil gets a half (instead of losing) and Tiger gets a half (I think Tiger wins his match if Phil gets the half) then the score is 14.5 to 13.5 US or possibly even gets 15 points to 13 points because I think Stricker or Furyk end up with a half.

Sure Stricker played bad the entire time and Tiger took allot of heat for his play but if you look at what he did in both the morning and afternoon matches on Friday and when he played on Saturday on the back nine he played some great golf. Excpetional golf in my opinion and one one played the bag nine better during the matches. Furyk played OK but he folded under the pressure as did Stricker on Sunday. I did not care of the matchups that Love put out there on day 1 although it did work out but the biggest issue I have is why he did not pair Tiger with Bubba. That to me is better pairing then Woods and Stricker. I love Stricker's game but he does not have a pulse and I think Tiger needs to play with someone who matches or exceeds his emotion.

Love said he let the players play when they wanted, play who they wanted to play with and sit when they wanted to sit and to me that is a mistake and not how you coach a team. Keegan Bradley proved he is a golfing savant, Dufner showed he has game and I thought Phil played his best Ryder Cup of his career. Despite all of that I think the Euros for some reason are still a better team. I am a big believer in what Zinger did with the team in 2008 with the pod system he introduced with the players and created more of a team environment for the US.

Hard to say what happens in 2014 but I think the home team should always win so it will be 2016 before the US has a real shot to win the cup back. I do not hate the Euros in any way shape or form. I do think Ian Poulter is somewhat of a Jackass and although he plays Ryder Cup well what else has he ever won to warrant the shit he talks? Also for someone who puts down Americans many times he should remember if it was not for American golf, the dollars he has earned would not be there and his comments about Tiger are totally off base because Poulter and all the other golfers need to recognize that Tiger made them all multi, multi millionaires.

Of course it is easy to play Monday morning QB with Davis Love and his captains picks but he should have went with Mahan and/or Van Pelt vs. Stricker and/or Furyk. For me I will be over the loss in a few months but for now it still stings a bit!

UK Football

What can you say? First and foremost I was never a big fan of Joker's play calling in general when he was OC. Yes he helped win some big games, yes he is a good recruiter but I still say that he and Brooksy took a 9 or 10 win team with the most talent I have seen at UK ever and coached them down to 7 and 5.

I like Joker, think he is a good guy and I think the players like him but he is obviously not someone who can develop talent. He promotes how young we are with all the freshmen and sophomores but forgets he was here and did not develop current junior and senior class so he is throwing himself under the bus when he says this. I am not buying the to young card and that he needs another year. Let someone else take this young talent and turn them into winners and get the program back to competive. What happend to Larod King, EJ Fields, Aaron Boyd, Morgan Newton (before the surgery) along with a host of other players who failed to develop?

The SEC is going to an eight game schedule at some and that is going to hurt UK and not help them unless they get a coach in who will implement an offense that will ultize the speed UK must recruit at the skill postions and create a system like Texas Tech, TCU, La Tech, Boise State and now Washington State have where it is about the system and not so much about the players. UK does need to address facility issues for the team but that is going to need to be done like the other schools are allowed to do in the SEC by selling bonds that give the Athletic Department the money they need to make these improvements. No one is advocating long-term debt and doing this would take nothing what so ever away from the University because remember the Athletic Deparment stands on it's own and donates quite a bit of money to the University each year. So that arguement does not stand up.

Joker is done after the loss to Georgia unless he somehow wins three of the last four game. I am hoping that he resigns after UK loses to Vanderbilt which will allow UK to get a jump on the coaching search ahead of the other openings there is going to be in the SEC (UT, Arkansas, Auburn and possibly Missouri). UK will also be competing against U of L for an up and comer coach who is looking for a stepping stone to a bigger job (like OC at Texas Tech, Coach at La Tech to name a few). As for UK's next coach. It needs to be someone who is going to excite the fan base. David Cutcliffe is not going to excite the fan base and I have a bad feeling that he is going to be the next guy based on his success at Duke and his connection to current AD Mitch Barnhart. UK can do better! Let's hope they do.

Sorry Joker but you took us down from a point where the program finally is getting some respect and turned this program into an embarressment! I understand we are young and playing allot of freshmen but that tells another story that you failed to develop any of the current Juniors and Seniors into SEC football playes. If you had not been on the staff since 2001 and were truly in your first three years then I would give you another year but you do not get that pass.

As for this team.  I do see some talent there.  Just needs to be devleped.  Need a coach that is going to run a scheme on both offense and defense that is not something SEC teams see every week which makes playing against UK a tough week (Like Navy, Army, La Tech, Texas Tech, Washington State, Boise State, etc.) 


- No matter what happens the run of the Redbirds the last two years is outstanding for a fan. I am still so so glad that they did not resign Puljos for the crazy money he wanted so they can invest in the great young talent pool of players they have with pitchers and position players. Great group of young pitchers.

- Tough times for my wife at my house with the Reds folding. I did not see that one coming.

- No disappointment here that Yankees are done. I do hate what happened to Jeter.

- UK Basketball continues to reload. The ESPN stuff last week and the All Access going forward is great stuff for the program. So glad to have a coach like Cal who gets what UK Basketball means and setting the bar so high. I also continue to live the negative shit that people post and say about Cal and UK and that Cal sees the All Access as a way to get the RIGHT story out there.
- I like the new baseball wild card but I think there needs to be a best of three for this series (get rid of some of the off days for the LDS and LCS to help accomidate this change.
- I play college fantasy football, college pick'em against the spread and fantasy NFL even though I am not an NFL guy. I suck bad this year at Pick'em and after winning the NFL league last year this year is a struggle. I won the college league also last year and through eight weeks I am in second place.

- Going to create my own college fantasy league next year and only use the big conferences (SEC, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 and independents for the player pool to make it interesting).

- Golf was pretty good this year although my handicap did creep up to a 9. After allot of club changes I finally went back to Ping ISI-K irons, Callaway driver and R11 knock offs for my three wood, five wood, 3 hybrid and 4 hybrid. I also am carrying a hybrid instead of a five iron and that has proven to be a good move. My wife and I played quite a bit this year and I plan on getting my ass back in good physical shape over the winter so I can get my game back.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Big Blue Wins The Ship!

I Can’t Make This Up

UK winning is no different that Auburn paying Cam 200 grand for a NC in football. $EC! $EC! The North should have chopped off all your peckers after they burned your civilization to the ground so you couldn't breed you ignorance into the rest of mankind's gene pool. Good thing the only significance the south has on the planet earth today is being the dirt poor and ignorant part of the US.
BC – Wow!

This is fake. A year or two from now, it'll be revealed that Calipari broke rules like he did in Memphis and the season will be forfeited like with Memphis. And if it doesnt go down that way it'll be because the NCAA covers it up.
BC – Misinformed. Cal never broke rules at UMass or Memphis! Check the facts. The The NCAA is going to cover this up, HA, HA! The NCAA president is on a mission to get Cal.

If Calipari was such a great coach, why won't he make more of an effort to keep a freshman in school longer? Oh yeah, nice uni-brow dude! A couple pieces of advice to the uni-brow; stay in school and get an education! Your dad is rich, you don't need to go to the NBA to get paid! You ain't all that yet, perhaps in 3 more years, maybe! Right now? Nah!
BC- So he would love for these kids to stay in school longer and actually he thinks the kids should be able to go straight to the NBA (which is the way the rule should be). As the rule stands Cal is getting them ready to go make millions! ‘Fear The Brow!” Even his mom wears the unibrow shirt. As for AD is not all of that multiple people have said he is the best player in the tournament in two decades and is the second coming of Bill Russell from being able to rebound, block shots, make free throws, get assists, steals, play great defense and oh yea he can score also. This guy should put the crack pipe down.

I hope the Negro College Athletes Association (NCAA) publishes the Grades of each student athlete next to the course they take. It may be a wishfull thinking but as taxpayers for higher learning we have the right to know.
BC- UK team had an overall 3.0 average. UK Baskeball has the highest APR in SEC. UK Athletic scholarships are not paid for with any taxpayer money period! UK Athletic Department is not part of the University and is one of the largest donors to the school.

Being a long-time Louisville pains me to say this.......(gulp)......congratulations UK on winning national title. You courted the best team money can buy. Oops....did I just say that?
BC – Typical Chickenhead and why I pay no attention to their team and the idiotic spewing that comes from their fan base in general.

Don't worry, they'll be vacating it in a year or two. Calipari be Calipari.
BC – Dream on and check the facts on Cal.

If the red, white, and blue played the UK 10 times, the red, white, and blue would beat them 9 times out of 10. Pure lucky for the UK!
BC – Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. He got that backwards.

how many minutes did white players play for uk? 1.5 minutes
BC – Again Kentucky is the one that are supposed to be racists.

Is it true Rupp showered with young boys?

Ya know even as somone who detests UK b ball i fet bad when ppl shouted out A. Davis and calling him ugly unibrow...but whats even uglier is being a cheat. O well thats the SEC for ya.
BC – Ignorance is a disease!

Those hillbillies will be sending their kids to school for years wearing national championshipt t-shirts and sweaters
BC – Just love these. I am sure this person has never been to the Bluegrass. The Commonwealth is a beautiful place and not everyone lives in the mountains.

let the investigations begin!
BC – What are they going to investigate? Can you shed some light?

IF, John C. does to Kentucky like he did to Memphis, the banners will come down! AND He is Highly Capable of doing it again!:( After he has cheated what now at least 2 TIMES?With U Conn and Memphis.. and Maybe somewhere else, I don't remember, as I've had 4 strokes..:(
BC – I think he just had his fifth!

Kentucky, I hope he don't' cheat you all! BUT, from what I've know He is a snake in the grass!
BC – Knows nothing about Cal obviously.

I hate Kentucky basketball with a passion
BC – This is how I know we are back on top!

Cal has proven another thing over the years -- he can't win in the NBA, where everyone is a professional player.
BC – Not sure but I think this person is saying UK has all professionals and the other colleges do not. If UK does not recruit Kidd-Gilchirst, Anthony Davis and Marques Teague then they go to school somewhere else for one year.

He coaches within the rules? He should be compensated by the NBA for sending them so much talent. A go between? Almost like an agent to his recruits. Sign with me and you are guaranteed millions of dollars in a very short time
BC – WTF? With the NBA rule all the college coaches are in this spot. So if you want to be a millionaire and the NBA scouts are saying we would draft this kid right out of high school what school are you going to attend. Even coach K has one and dones!

congrats to John "Cheating sack of crap" Calapari.
BC- Cal is a good man. People just do not take the time to find out what he is about.

It's just like the yankees, the team with the biggest payroll won...!!!
BC- Ha, Ha, Ha, Next!

Sadly, Calipari's approach will have visions of fame and fortune dancing in the heads of the teenagers he recruits..a few will succeed in the NBA..the vast, vast majority will be looking for a menial job in a year or two never shaking their youthful fantasies and finding it extremely difficult to
BC – Look at the guys who have played for Cal and left college early for the Pro’s. Tells a really different story!

The best championship money can buy! Thanks Coach C.
BC – Yes UK is paying their players! Please.

Here's an idea: for any kid who receives a full ride and doesn't stay for a prescribed period of time, perhaps two years, that kid needs to repay the university for their scholarship. To me, it's ridiculous that we use state tax dollars to fund the "education" for these kids, have them not gruaduate, and go on to make millions. That money could be put to a much better use.
BC – As mentioned before the UK athletic department is fully funded with revenue and no state tax dollars period. They are one of the top donors to the University. No state tax dollars needed.

We will find out what the NCAA sanctions are next year, once all the talent is in the NBA. That is Cal's true legacy.
BC – What is UK being investigated for? Can you shed some light on this situation for us?

The List

The Coach After Eddie
The guy at work who said you’ll get’em in there and get them on your payroll quickly
The Mayor of Louisville
Steve Kerr
Clark Kellog
The Chickenhead who told me last Friday that UK looked scared
Pete Thamel
Jim Litke
Mike Freeman
Tony Vanetti
Greg Anthony
Colin Cowturd
“Laugh” Lin Mclain
Terry Meiners
Digger Phelps
Bobby Knight
All the crazy people like the ones above who post nonsense about UK
IU fans with their Were Back T-Shirts

How you like the UK Wildcats now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Championship – A Fans Take

Awesome! Nothing like it! In six months I have been able to celebrate my Redbirds winning the World Series and now my Wildcats winning the NCAA Basketball Championship!

This run this season has been great. It started with a 50 point victory over Marist with Davis getting 10 boards, 3 assists, 5 blocks and 23 points as a sign of things to come. Next was a ten point victory over Kansas where the team showed it’s balance and Davis collected seven more blocks.

An exciting 73 to 72 victory over UNC at Rupp where Kidd-Gilchrist and Miller showed they could be counted on as the season progressed and oh yea, Davis had another huge block. Next was the only regular season blemish against IU where Davis was plagued with foul trouble, T Jones had his worst game as a Wildcat but Kidd and Teague showed the flashes that you knew what type of players they were going to be.

After a hard fought victory over Louisville on New Years Eve (followed by the best New Years Eve meal I think I have ever had) was followed with a sweep through the SEC where the team was only threatened twice during the season (at Vandy and at Tennessee).

A tough battle with Florida in the SEC tournament was then followed by a loss to Vandy in the SEC Championship Game that to me was a wake up call the team needed. The Vandy game was also a tough game for a team that really only played seven players playing their third game in three days.

The march to the championship was a great run with victories over the #16, #9, #17 and #6 ranked teams to win it all. Of course this included avenging a loss to IU and beating Rick Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals in the National Semifinal game.

This team was very special. The way they played defense from the start of the year was amazing for such a young bunch but of course Davis and Kidd Gilchrist were great defenders before they even came to UK and both Lamb and Jones learned to be great defenders in their two years under Coach Cal’s tool age. Jones will never get the credit he deserves on defense and what kind of player he was for this team and the sacrifices he made for the sake of the team.

Teague at one point this year was one of the most criticized players in college basketball and his play in the Louisville game and the Championship game showed what a talent and a cool customer he turned into during his baptism by fire season. The big three he hit during the championship game towards the end with the shot clock running out will be something I always remember.

Wiltjer and Vargas played great rolls during the entire season and of course it did not get any better for a guy named Darius, once dubbed Disappearus, who last year and this year played as good as anyone on the team at both ends of the floor. A player who accepted what his role would be and has probably played himself into an NBA career (the NBA loves winners). Way to go home boy!

Now to Cal and of course his great staff. No doubt he is a great X and O guy. You do not get to the final four on four occasions with three different teams and not be able to coach. The thing though that I like the most is Cal brought to Kentucky was an attitude of I get it, I understand what UK Basketball means, I understand the history, I understand the legends and I am the guy who has been entrusted with this storied program that means to much to the fan base. I get the expectation is to get the best players and win championships and at some surpass UCLA in the number of Championships.

All you have to do is go back and watch Cal’s press conference when he was hired and watch him asking where Herky Rupp is and also looking for Mrs. Keightly. Follow him on twitter and you will see the amount of time he spends communicating directly to the UK fan base in a way that is just truly awesome.

Outtake from Gregg Doyel Article on

NEW ORLEANS -- Here it comes. Can you hear it? Can you smell it? I can. Sounds unfair and smells bad, like the dried-vomit aroma that parts of New Orleans just can't get rid of. But here it comes, and I'm not talking about the vomit but something that offends my senses almost as much:
The idea that Kentucky is bad for basketball.

You know what I'm talking about. You know the idea. It's not my idea, but it's out there. It's everywhere. Kentucky -- OK, Kentucky coach John Calipari -- recruits basketball players who come to college (gasp) just to play basketball. Calipari courts them, signs them, rolls the ball onto the court and watches them win 30 games a year while he's texting Worldwide Wes and lining up his next recruiting class of one-and-done Neanderthals.

That's the idea, and with Kentucky in the national title game, we have a 24-hour news cycle for it to waft into your nostrils. Not that we needed Kentucky to qualify for the title game Monday against Kansas. That idea is already out there. It's everywhere. A good friend of mine at the newspaper in Orlando used the occasion of Kentucky's victory at Florida's home finale this season to lament that "this, sadly, is what college basketball has become -- a temp agency for rogue UK coach John Calipari."

Calipari, my friend from Orlando wrote, "refuses to apologize for signing the best players in the country even when he must know his program is nothing more than a glorified AAU squad."

That idea. Put forward last week by a guy in San Diego who said Calipari "continually stoops to conquer ... his success stems from cutting corners and circumventing education."

Because big-time college basketball is about education on other campuses -- just not at Kentucky. It's about education at Duke, where saintly Mike Krzyzewski has lost a one-and-done point guard two years in a row. It's about education at North Carolina, where ol' Roy Williams has seen 11 players leave early for the NBA in the past seven years. It's about education everywhere but Kentucky, where it's about something more sinister.

That's the idea. An idea put forward recently by no less an authority than NCAA president Mark Emmert, who channeled his inner Bob Knight and talked about Kentucky without ever talking about Kentucky when he said "the one-and-done rule ... forces young men to go to college that have little or no interest in going to college. It makes a travesty of the whole notion of student as an athlete."

As if the NCAA itself doesn't make a travesty of the notion of the student as an athlete by inviting 132 men's and women's basketball teams to a tournament every March that will remove the most successful kids from campus for damn near a month. But never mind about that, because the NCAA isn't under attack here. Calipari is -- even as Calipari himself attacks the rule that forces a kid who is ready to play in the NBA to spend a year at college.

"I don't apologize -- it's not my rule," Calipari said Sunday. "I don't like the rule. ... There's only two solutions to it: Either I can recruit players who are not as good as the players I'm recruiting, or I can try to convince guys that should leave [for the NBA] to stay for me."

BC - This article pretty much sums it up and points out that the other big schools are having the same issues. What the NBA has done is set it up where the teams do not waste money on an untested high school player and get to see that kid in college for a year to get a preview. Bad rule for college and good rule for the NBA.


- Mickelson’s flop shot on 15 Saturday was so good and so different then any other players would do in that position that if you listen close Faldo is saying, ‘Oh no’ like the though Phil had hit it in the water.

- Freddie, Freddie! If he could only play the first five holes at Augusta.

- Wow. One week Tiger is back and this week he is whacked. The guy will never be the same between the ears I think. His window of beating Jack’s record for majors is gone. The guy really threw a dream life away! He will win another major or two.

- So happy for Bubba Watson winning a green jacket. He has no swing coach or putting coach or sports psycholigist.

- Great to see Tubby and his wife Donna in attendance for UK’s victory on Monday. Tubby is the next guy to get a banner in Rupp Arena and yes I think AD gets one also because he is truly the greatest freshmen and one of the best ever to play at UK. AD is a guy that Coach Rupp would have truly loved because of what he brought to the floor!

- Cal is staying, no question about it. He said after the game his next goal is an undefeated season because everyone says it can’t be done.

- The Chickens and IU will be very, very, very good teams next year. Gag me! LOL.

- UK is likely to lose Davis, Jones, Lamb, Kidd and maybe Teague. Teague should stay but I see no reason that any of the others should hang around. I would not be surprised if Lamb stayed.

- Althon Sports ranked the SEC football coaches for next year and to no surprise Joker is dead last although I think he may be a tad bid better then Dooley at UT. Petrino loses his job at Arkansas, sits out a year. Joker goes 3 and 9 and is fired enter Bobby P.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cats To Play For The Ship

I Do Not Have To Move

So let's get this straight. This was a BIG game for both schools but it was bigger for U of L from a fan perspective in my opinion.

Win and as I wrote the other day they have the ultimate trump card no matter what happened on Monday night. If UK loses for a UK fan in Louisville it would have been really rough. I think U of L fans in general have such a chip on their shoulder and that would have made them relentless! I am really glad that did not happen! Be proud of your team U of L and quit worry about ours!

Hats off to U of L because they played very well and made a run at a point when I thought the game was over. U of L fans and their fan base should be proud and if they get everyone back on the team they should be a really good team next year. '

Anthony Davis was a great in this game and you cannot take away from the level of defense that Kidd and the rest of the team played. Miller was big and the Jones dunk towards the end was awesome and a big key. Teague played great to start and Lamb was quiet but also played great defense.

The final point difference would have been greater had UK made their free throws. The game was officiated poorly in my opinion although the officials did not get in the way. There were some pushes on U of L that were not called and UK had eight charge calls which to me is excessive but official Doug Show likes to call the charge.

I figured U of L would need to hit fourteen threes to win and they only shot eleven and that was key. UK had 14 turnovers but they had seven steals and that to me negated the turnovers. Glaring stat to me is 16 offensive rebounds for U of L and that UK got out rebounded and still won. Those margins says something about the talent of this team.

UK did not play a very good game at all and I give U of L credit for that but they still won the game even playing that bad. Wow, Wow, Wow!

When the game was over my wife and I were dancing up and down with each other saying, "Yea, we do not have to move!" At one point I was so loud that my cat Three came downstairs to see what the hell was going on!

This team is poised, they have a great senior and some really great talent. Cal is doing a great job and they play defense great! All keys to winning it all.

Good Luck Cats. Bring it home on Monday Blue!

Comments after the Game = Idiots

I just wonder what kind of life people have that actually set around type such utter nonsense. I love to read the ignorance!

did you know that the toothbrush was invented in kentucky?anywhere else it would have been the teethbrush
BC - Gotta love these!

how long before coach cal has the wildcats on probation
BC - Old stuff, please come up with something new

I bet A. Davis is making more money a KY than he will in the NBA
BC - LOL. Again give me something new.

typed the truth and Yahoo didn't wan't to post it...Bottom line is Kentucky was favorite by 9 and won by 8...SETUP BY THE REFS AS USUAL!!!
BC - Yep the refs are throwing the games that is very plausible.

Kentucky and Louisville played street ball.Both teams suk a dik! MSU could have beaten either team today.
BC - MSU was already beaten by UL.

Did UK finally win a final four game this century?? Wow, that is news. Kentucky has been down so long, they don't know what up looks like
BC - We know we are back when we read these type of comments.

I have a funny feeling that Louisville will have the last laugh when Coach Cal is forced to vacate another Final Four.
BC - HA, HA, HA, Ha, You Suck!

congrats cheaters, sign some more stupid "Student" athletes who don't go to class and only have nba hopes, coach cal might get a title might it'll be tainted in 3 years, once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater
BC - 3.0 team GPA, Highest APR in SEC. All college players have NBA hopes and under the current rules Coach Cal has proved he is the guy who can get it done. Remember Duke had as many one and dones as UK last year and UNC just had three sophomores turn pro. UK will lose two or maybe three underclassmen this year but they have a right to go.

Smith, Smith, Siva and Dieng, combined 14 of 47 field goal attempts(29.8%).
Cardinal fans wanna guess why your team lost???
Oh yeah ...sorry, I forgot, Kentucky cheats and the refs stole it from you.

BC - HA, HA, HA, Idiot!

Coach who should have been banned from NCAA and bunch of thugs lead by Torrence "the drug" Jones = KY.
What needs to be said more?

BC - Wow.

I wonder how Ape Davis will feel next year as a bench player for a team like the Charlotte Bobcats?
BC - We are the ones that are racist.

If UK was playing the Taliban, I would wear a turban. Their fans are the worst in college basketball. I hope Kansas rips them a new one.
BC - What an asshole!

49 states are rootin for you JAYHAWKS!!!!!!!!!
BC - We love it! Hate us!

kentucky family tree = a straight line.
BC - Love these. My sis has done our family tree and has it back a long, long way. No straight lines.


- “When you’re playing against Bill Russell at the pro level, you realize why the Celtics won 11 world championships,” When you see this young man at the collegiate level, you realize why [Kentucky is] so good. Not that their other players are not, but he’s so much of a factor.” - Coach After Eddie

- To the Chickenhead who told me on Friday that UK looked scared tell me please how scared to they look now! Suck it!

- Watching Digger this morning and he did pick us to win the Championship

- Coach After Eddie actually showed some class when the game was over telling Cal to bring the trophy back home and in his press conference by saying how much he liked this UK Team and said nice things about the players.

- Nice run Blue the last three years. Final eight, final four now to the Championship game. No other school can say this!

- Oscar Combs says Anthony Davis is not going to be denied.

- Dick Hoops Weiss says AD is best player in tournament in two decades.

- I still cannot figure out what game Steve Kerr and Clark Kellogg were watching. If Clark says pumpkin one more time I might vomit. Kerr said Deng was player of the game! When UK was up 11 Clark kept talking about how well U of L was playing. AD was player of game, Kidd was the best player on floor the last five mins and UK not UL of won!

- CBS gets a low rating for the finish of the OSU and KU game. They totally missed the end and OSU players just gave up arguing a call that was for sure the right call. Bad strategy at end by Thad Matta!

- UK has won four straight over U of L. Coach After Eddie is 4 and 8 against UK which is not what was hoped or thought it was going to be by the UL fan base.

- Cal said on CBS he told AD if we wants to come back next year he can be the starting point guard.

- Text of the game is a tie. My buddy Sam text when the game was over, "Now That Logistics!" Also my buddy Dale saying that during the game his wife was calling on Jesus! Great stuff!

- T Jones bumped a cheerleader so hard chasing down and out of bounds she had to have stitches. He apologized after the game and said he would drive down and give her some flowers or something.

- Had no idea that some of the UK players and the UL players were such good friends.

- Watching The Show Sunday Morning that Mozart wrote Twinkle, Twinkle little star at the age of five.

It Is Calm At The 856

The Hype

I managed to avoid most of it this week. There was a restaurant here in the Ville that tried to ban UK fans from coming on Saturday and that along with the Mayor of the Ville basically alienating the UK fan base (if he has his eyes on bigger political office he is done) were amongst the things I did see reported. Of course the two old men that got in a fight in a doctor's office is classic and reminds me of something a Bama and Auburn fan would do.

I only really received one stupid comment all week when late on Friday a Chickenhead said to me, "Man your guys look nervous to which I responded you saw them practice today at Tulane today and saw the open practice at the dome and to which he replied uh no, then please tell me WTF you are talking about to which he replied, uh, well... Ok STFU, to which he responded well it does not matter if you guys when or not it will be vacated to which I responded get a life!"

You know without a doubt this would be a nightmare loss for UK fan base. A UK loss would be very hard to take but life will go on no matter what happens today and as I posted you have to win Monday for Saturday to mean anything!

I am prepared and excited but not really nervous and I am for sure not looking forward. Win this one Blue and you will have a tough opponent ahead on Monday no matter who wins the second game.

Success. Two straight final fours and three straight elite eights is a benchmark that any program in America would take at this point but only the Blue Team can stake that claim. GBB!

Baseball Time in The Bluegrass

I am very prepared for MLB to begin. I cannot wait to see what the Redbirds do this year. I think their pitching staff (even with Carp on the DL to start) is pretty solid and they have some pop in the line up. Yadi is going to have a good year and once Allen Craig is back you are going to have to find a spot for him in the line up. Beltran will not have to play every day and Rule 5 pick Komatsu has made the roster and is a guy that can steal some bases.

Going to see the Bats workout here on Monday and although they are future Reds I still enjoy watching this team play. Going to sport my new Willie Stargell throwback jersey to the workout!


- Have to give hats off to KSR's Matt Jones. He is becoming a force in the National Sports Media. Quite a showing this week with Finebaum, Rome, ESPN and CBS. I have blog envy! LOL
- Master's is going to be fun. Just wish Martha Burke was protesting again so it could be commercial free. LOL.
- Check out the Fenway Park is 100 celebration on KET and also a program on KET called Jews in Baseball. Great documentaries.
- FYI the three oldest continuous use pro ball parks in the US are Fenway, Wrigley and Bosse Field in Evansville.
- Wife ran a ten mile race this morning! So proud of her. She is also making straight A's in school at this point!
- Text/Tweet of the week. I texted out the only person who can wear a stocking cap year round is U2's The Edge. My buddy Scott texted back what about Anton from In Living Color? Him too.
- One last time. GBB!!! and Kansas... Why Kansas? Because with a KU win I will finish second in my basketball pools.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Gotta Win Monday So It Matters

Comments From The Masses

Once again I bring you a total display of ignorance. Enjoy!

Indiana exposed UK earlier in the season. I am sure that UK would not have had the record that they did had they played in the Big 10 and if they had had more than 5 road games ALL SEASON. Very over rated!

BC – LOL! Yes I agree that the SEC was down this year and yes if UK played in the Big 10, because the Big 10 was very good this year UK would have probably had a few more losses. Fact of the matter is UK is in the Final Four and Hoosiers are not! Who is overrated now!

Ya know all you UK fans are right...... UK is the best (the best that money can buy) Where will all you be when the violations come rolling down?

BC – LOL again! Apparently this is Clay Travis making this comment. He is the guy who said on his radio show that he for sure that Cal is paying for players. Show us what you got Clay Travis.

32 fouls to 18 that says it all. Plus Calipari still looks has his spoiled little boy whine face on the whole time. Kentucky is not a "college" team. Bunch of MacDonald All Americans headed to the pros stopping off in Lexington for one year of hoops and frolic around campus. Give me a break. What a joke.

BC – So if these players did not go to UK they would go somewhere else and be one and done. UK only had one guy that left early last year, same as Duke. So what is the joke! These guys have the right to go to the best place possible that will allow them to go to the NBA and make millions. That place is currently UK.

who jealous of uk?? not here i can assure you!! im steamed because the refs gave uk the calls in the uk game. i commend uk on hitting them though. that was truly impressive for real. what im saying is, is that the refs dictated the winner of the game and not the players. how do you hit 5 more field goals for the game and lose by 12. ive never seen that and probably wont again. a 37-17 free throw edge when both teams are running up and down the court playing basically the same type of game is unnacceptable. im not saying uk cheated iu. ...the refs did!!!

BC – Teams that are behind have to foul. IU game was poorly officiated at both ends of the floor. If you check UK’s season stats they to not foul much at all.

will "vacated" after the NCAA finds evidence that Calipari is cheating...again. What do you need kid? Drugs, sex, money for your mom, access to NBA stars or movie stars, yeh Calipari can make that happen - he's the biggest pimp in Division 1. Where will this pimp land next?

BC – Cal HAS NEVER CHEATED! He used players that were deemed ineligible after the season was over. HE HAS NO DIRECT VIOLATIONS PERIOD and if he had the NCAA would have banned him!

Word is Kentucky coach is jumping to the NBA after the season. Must be sanctions coming

BC – Could you tell us what you know dip shit?

What a waste of time. If Kentucky wins the NC, they willJust have to vacate it in 2-3 years. What makes anyone believe that this time is different for Calipari.

BC – This is old!

Kentucky, best team money can buy. Louisville is second. What a corrupt state

BC- Wow. Once minute we are hicks and the next we are all corrupt.

Can't wait to hear all you Kentucky fans after Calipari gets caught ignoring ncaa rules again. He destroyed UMASS and then Memphis and he will eventually get caught at Kentucky. Hard to believe they hired him in the first place. Guess winning means more than graduating (educating) their athletes.

BC – They just do not know the story at UMASS and Memphis and they have no idea what kind of a good human being Cal is everyday. CAL has done nothing at either school just ask the NCAA.

UK fans beating a shorthanded Baylor team don't count for much in my book, and I'm a UCONN fan. You know the defending national champs, HOF coach, four final fours and 3x national champeen this generation. Yeah, that UCONN! UK you're two national titles, a HOF coach, and a whole lotta respect behind my team. Right now the Wildcats are a second level program with Michigan State, Syracuse, Florida, etc. You haven't prove you can run with the big dogs like Connecticut and Dook. You have a long, long way to go to earning a place on the top line, we;ll see if you can climb another notch next weekend. Right now, you're at notch one

BC – LOL. Seven National Championships, Fifteen Final Fours, we are the lower Notch!

Kentucky wants basketball on-court success so badly they are willing to sell their soul. They fired Coach Smith because he was too honest and brought in a known rules violator in order to install an NBA minor league team where the concept of the student-athlete is gone. Since Kentucky has no major professional sports, perhaps they thought they should do this to overcome their sense of inferiority. Kentucky does have another thing going for it, though, it is number one in cigarette smokers per capita.

BC – Tubby resigned because he could not handle the pressure of being the UK coach anymore. I commend him for it. As for Tubby what has he done since he left UK? Not much! We love Tubby and he will have a Tubby banner hanging in Rupp once he retires! As for the one and done rule Cal HATES the rule! It is an NBA rule and the NCAA or Cal did not make the rule! Cigarettes, were talking cigarettes.

Ky looks like an NBA team all black with one token white player that plays about 7 mins per game.

BC – And we are the ones that are racist.

Does uk player s even go to classes ????????????lol

BC – Yes they do. 3.0 team GPA. Highest APR in SEC!

Now if they can teach them how to read and write in Ky.

BC – These are the ones I love the most!

Uk is the next pro basketball team one year players done

BC – Not really sure what the hell this guy is trying to say!

Please investigate why Ky has the players. Someone is cheating in recruiting. Not a very attractive place to play ball but year after year they have players. Hint.

BC – Guy has obviously not been to Keenland in the Spring, seen the Craft Center or understands Rupp Arena or spent any time in Lexington. It is a very attractive place to be and to play! Also does not see these kids desire is to play in the NBA and right now Cal is the guy who can get that done!

UK and IU

Have to admit the IU game made me nervous. Just did not want to lose and wanted to avenge the loss! Since they had beaten UK earlier in the year I thought that gave them a shot. Of course I could not forget the over the top behaviour from the non conference home game they won in December.

The game was poorly officiated in the first half. No way Zeller and Davis should have been on the bench for the first half. I thought there were some fouls on IU that were not called in 2nd half which would have made the free throw disparity even greater.

If you check the season stats UK is not a team that fouls often. Because they have such a post presence on defense they do not have to foul and can take chances on the ball other teams cannot which means less fouls.

It was a great game! 102 to 90. Who would have ever picked that score? Had IU played any other team they would have won. Both teams were impressive. Nice to have you back IU! You did win a non conference home game in December but UK won when it counted the most! Yea, Rah, Rah!

UK and Baylor

I thought this would be the most athletic team we would play all year but that proved wrong. They were over matched from the start.

UK defense was smothering from the point the game was at 10 to 5 where UK went on a 33 to 7 run.

Kidd and T Jones were absolute monsters and Davis once again had a stellar performance. Coaches had UK ready to play at both ends of the floor. Cal said before the game “when in doubt drive the ball” and they did just that. He also said do what you do and you cannot lose this game and they did that also.

I think Baylor is a good squad and their coach is doing something right down there in Texas!

UK and U of L

Not sure where to start of what to say.

Fear of losing. I have none. It will be tough if UK loses but I am much more mature then I used to be about this stuff, I think!

Could UK lose? Of course. Look at Villinova over Georgetown, Dodgers sweeping the A’s in 91, Redbirds over Philly in playoffs last year, and of course the thing that got this upset thing into American Culture when at Saratoga in 1919 a horse named Upset defeated the mighty Man Of War.

You are talking two storied and competitive coaches who will now go after the ultimate prize with the first step being against each other. Although they publically acknowledge each other in a friendly way there is no love lost between these two men. Although The Coach That Came After Eddie supposedly help Cal secure his first head coaching job something happened after that made these two rivals. Is it just competive nature?

Dream Game? This is well beyond that. This is the meeting that never occurred in 1975 when U of L missed free throws at the end of the game cost them a victory over mighty UCLA and date with UK in the Championship! My guess this is a matchup they the odds are will never happen again in my lifetime. This to me is like Yankees and Redbirds in the World Series which is something else I am waiting for in my lifetime.

For me this week. No listening to local radio, no Sportscenter, No newspaper. I do not have to have someone tell me what this means. I know what this means!
I believe today this is a bigger game for the Chickens then it is for UK from a fan perspective. If the Chickens win then their fans obtain the ultimate trump card for years to come. Of course they will be over the top about it, rub it in your face over and over again. I know there will be UK fans that will be the same way but I will not be one of them, I think!

Bottom line is this. If UK plays the way they have played since the start of this tournament then I more then like their chances against The Chickens.

If UK beats the Chickens and does not win on Monday night then the semi-final game means nothing and the same goes for the Chickens. I have said in since the 90”s in the end there is one game that matters and that is played the first Monday in April each year. The others are just other games!


- St Louis Cardinals. World Series Champions! Never gets old.
- I think there should be a commando raid on Rupp Arena and the banner that honors The Coach After Eddie should be taken down.
- The more I hear The Coach After Eddie Talk the more I loathe him. He is now talking down to UK fans. What a Richard.
- Been picking on my brother this weekend (that is for all the times you held me down and did the knuckle thing on my chest) about the Kidd. Kidd showed how great he is the last two games. Not a jump shooter, yet, but his open floor game is tailor made for the NBA.
- How much tape you think TheCoachAfterEddie will watch this week? Biggest game of his life!
- Same for Cal!
- It was thought after the Dream Game in 83 that U of L would just dominate UK. The total opposite has occurred.
- Is it possible you can judge one’s character and life by what they think about Tim Tebow?
- Count me as a big fan of the Astros moving to the American League so now all the division are balanced out. Not a fan however of the expanded playoffs where the two best 2nd place teams have a one game playoff. Waters things down in my opionion. One game is good for a tie at the end of year but not for a playoff (sounds odd but think about it).
- Frank Martin to South Carolina is amazing to me.
- Tiger could be back! My opinion of him has changed allot (not as big a fan anymore).

Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Just In, Bobby Knight is a Jackass

An IU fans worst nightmare? Your over the top behavior before, during and after the game in December could now come back to haunt you. You see all the trash you talked about Cal, UK's players and the University itself could all blow right up in your face! Of course it was not all IU fans but from what I heard from UK people at the game and in Bloomington afterwards there was a massive amount of over the top behavior.

Pressure? You should not have any. You are a #4 seed and you are supposed to lose but will you play that way or play like you are carrying the entire state on your backs? I think Crean is a good coach and you have some good players so I believe they will be ready for this game.

Will you wear your "We're Back" T-Shirts and then if you lose take them off and throw them away or if you win will you then use the occasion to now throw them right in every UK fans face! If you win then you can actually can say you are back because you will have beaten the Kings of college basketball twice in one season and once when it really counts (revenge for 1975 at last).

A simple reminder! This is a Sweet 16 game and not the National Championship. IU wins then they completely make their season again by beating UK twice in one season. What happened? Shouldn't your goal be to win a National Championship vs. just beating one of your rivals in a season? Does not matter to me if UK loses to IU, Baylor, Michigan State, Kansas or Ohio State as I will be disappointed we lost period.

Anything can happen (remember the 75 NCAA game where UK beat you and you were undefeated). If you win IU then hats off to you. You will have beaten one of the better UK teams I have ever seen play (been watching since 1973) twice in one season. At that point, as I wrote earlier, you could break out your We're Back T-Shirts but doing it after winning a non conference home game could prove to be quite a bit premature.

This Kentucky team wants this, has waited for this and will be very well prepared to play. Good luck IU! If you win you have validated but if you lose then all you did was just win a non conference home game in December.

You know I am not a hater and I think it is good for IU Basketball to be relevant on a national level but win or lose show some class! I went to allot of UK and IU games when you guys were really bad and I never nor did I ever see any UK fan treat you without respect during that period.

Lets Cover off on this One More Time
I get sick of the hate that is direct toward one coach John Calipari.

When it was obvious that he was going to be UK’s coach I for sure had questions but instead of just generalizing I did my homework. I called someone in Memphis who was a big Memphis fan and asked him what he thought about Cal. His comments were he one of the greatest guys and his wife was an unbelievable person also. He and his wife donated allot of dollars and time to charity and he did allot of things to help people that never gets publicized.

- Coach Cal turned in Marcus Camby to the UMASS Athletic Department when he found out that Camby had taken stuff from an agent making him ineligible during their final four run. Cal then, with the AD, reported the violation to the NCAA and Cal was not linked in any way period to what happened.
- At Memphis Coach Cal played a player that Memphis had go through the NCAA clearinghouse not once but twice and he was cleared to play. After the NCAA tournament concluded the NCAA came back that they had made a mistake and he was really ineligible. Again Cal did nothing and was not investigated, etc.
- Coach Cal has never throw a chair during a game, never took his team off the floor during a game or choked a player in practice as one Robert Montgomery JackAss Knight did.
- Speaking of the Jackass, he lied on tape last year criticizing UK players saying that after Xmas they do not go to class (bold face lie) and during his ESPN appearances he will not say Kentucky. How does ESPN have him as commentator and better yet how does State Farm justify using a lying, abusive person in their commercials (they show him for what he is, a JackAss).
- FYI Jackass, UK has the highest APR of any basketball program in the SEC and also the team GPA was 3.0 average. Suck on that you miserable old bastard! - FYI Jackass what are you going to say when asked about the UK and IU matchup since you refuse to mention either teams name. Are you going to say I think the team that fired my ass is going to upset the team from the SEC. Jackass!

Comments from the Yahoo Message Board after the Duke Loss:
- Seth Curry was adopted, Ol' man Dell and Steph never would have shot 1-9 in a big game... Duke has to be the softest major program in the country, Sonia Curry is still fabulous and Chris Collins you need to get a real job, You been there since I grew my first pubic hair and you are starting to look like Coach K's next hip replacement!
- What happened? I was taking a Dukey.
- Duke was overrated. Mike called in a marker to get them that seed.
- These refs were the worst i have ever seen. Neutral fan (Roll Tide) at the game the refs called fouls every 30 seconds and never allowed the natural rhythm of the game to take place. I've watched Duke and this season, they rely very much on rhythm. A good ref does not affect the game either way. 2 Duke players fouled out 4 more i think had 4 and 3 more had 3 fouls. Around 30 fouls called on them. Terrible game
- The place was packed , as usual, with Tarholes . What goes around comes around, you Tid -D- bole blue fans!
- The only way Duke will be successful next year is if Coach Ratface gives Curry and Rivers their own ball.

Nice Comparison of the 96 UK Team to the 2012 UK Team:

For what it's worth I think the 96 Team is best ever at UK in this era (the era of the three point shot) no matter what happens to the 2012 bunch. Sporting News picked them as one of the 10 greatest ever college basketball teams.

- Not a UNC fan but I hate to see there point guard hurt their risk. Same with the guy Jones from IU who blew his knew out and is missing the tournament.
- I love the Iowa State player mouthing "I am the best player on the floor" and then Kentucky goes on a 20 to 2 run! How did that work out for you dude! He is a great player though.
- OK Cats you got what you wanted now go take care of the Hoosiers!
- If you are not part of the Finebaum Network then you are really missing out! He has some of the greatest sports interviews period. This week he had CM Newton on and they talked about the 92 UK vs Duke Game, some great back stories about the game and also had the author of the new book called the 2.1 seconds that changed basketball.
- Newton said in his interview that UK was not recruiting Richie Farmer and he talked to Richie on the phone (he was then the coach at Vandy) and that Richie told him he really wanted to go to UK. Newton said well we can make that happen. Newton paid a highly publicized visit to Farmer and the next day Eddie Sutton arrived with a scholarship offer (same thing happened with Feldhaus and Perlphrey)
- The new TV format for the NCAA tournament is great!
- Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg were so obviously for Duke during their loss to the Lehigh that CBS should be embarrassed. I believe that Kellogg is a smart basketball savvy guy but if you listened to some of his logic on foul calls and charge calls during this game you would question that intelligence. By the way what is CBS #1 Announcing team doing the call of a two seeds game anyway.
- Lot's of controversy in Kentucky over the UPS commercial about Hill delivering the ball to Lattner. The point of the commercial is it took a great pass (in my opinion an easy pass because TheCoachThatCameAfterEddie did not put someone on the ball and did not have anyone fronting Lattner) or delivery to get him in position (meaning they planned it and executed it to perfection). For those people who think this is a dig on Kentucky Basketball you need to get a fucking life please!
- Happy Duke lost but don't count me as someone who that makes my tournament. I am not for them, UNC or The Chickens and there is only one team that counts! It is just a basketball game.
- Best text of tournament was my buddy Coop saying; If Lehigh wins the cheerleaders are going to Sizzler to celebrate (if you did not see them they were some healthy girls).
- Second best is a text from my brother texting me on Sunday what time does Duke play.
- My buddy Squatty said in first half of Duke game he was streaking if Lehigh won! Last report he did not which was a good thing.
- Not sure but maybe now that IU is getting good again they go back in the boat with the Chickens.
- I am starting to get excited about baseball. I like my Redbirds this year with improved pitching and a better bullpen. Beltran was a great pick up and they will have five solid outfielders once Allen Craig returns. Infield looks pretty solid and I think Freese will have a break out year! Look out!
- Bat Cats are only undefeated D1 team out there and they just swept two time defending NCAA champs South Carolina.
- Go Lady Cats! Matthew Mitchell doing a great job.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Damn Dude Where You Been?

I have been on the sidelines. Been a crazy but very good year and a few months since I have posted. I figured out to much golf and blogging were impacting my earning potential so I corrected that. Lots and lots of family stuff. Lost my grandfather (who is the reason I love sports so much), my uncle Wally who was a great role model who died too young and been helping my family help my grandmothers adjust to getting older. Good charecter building! How much and how often I write is up in the air but here I go!

Albert Puljos

First of all let me say that I love Albert as a St Louis player, love what he brought to the St Louis organization and think he is a guy who in general epitomizes character if you know his background.

Albert gave it his all during his time in St Louis! He played hurt, he changed positions, and he served as a coach on the field and a mentor to the younger players. He put the time in outside of what is required to make himself one of the all time greats the history of baseball and a lock for a first ballot Hall of Famer. Much like Ted Williams once stated, “I am not a natural hitter and I am a great hitter because of the work I put in.” Albert is much the same as Ted.

As a St Louis fan I will miss Albert and I wish him the best of luck in the future. If he truly plans to play baseball for ten more years then a shift to the American League is the right move for him because he can become a DH and not have to play in the field. This could extend his career to that ten year point and allow him to break several career MLB records.

Of course I am not a person who thinks that Albert has been using PED’s or HGH but in today’s sports environment anything and everything is possible in that arena. Probably not even worth mentioning but I know that argument is out there. Same with the questions about his age and I would not be surprised if he is not a few years older then he claims or maybe even knows.

The most important thing I want to convey is that they have always been the St. Louis Cardinals and not the Puljos Cardinals. The franchise existed quite well before Puljos arrived and I predict will do quite well now that he is gone!

I had the good fortune of being in St Louis for game seven of the World Series and watched the game at Mike Shannon’s deck bar. The people who I stood with and watched the game all had the same opinion that I had about St Louis re-signing Albert. If they want to sign him for 6 years with some option years after that and pay him $30 million that would be acceptable but a ten year contract was just out of the question no matter what the cost. St Louis fans are some of the best in baseball and they know and understand the impact of a ten year contract in the $225 million range would have had on the franchise. Not worth it!

It is proven that most of the contracts to aging players are never worth the investment and in the case of Puljos and the Angels my guess is that if they win one or two World Series with Albert over the next ten years then the investment is maybe worth it. I would agree with the Angels on that point and Albert would truly be a hero to that franchise because he would be bringing the team their first World Series title. He would be revered by that franchise even after his career is over and could forever be the face of that franchise if he is able to help the team accomplish that feat.

The mistake, in my opinion, that Albert made was he will never be the face of the St Louis franchise for what many call the best baseball city and the best baseball fans in America (yes Yankee fans and Red Sox fans you are also in that discussion).

Albert will NEVER be mentioned in the same breath in the city of St Louis as Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, Ozzie Smith and That Man called Stan are today. In my opinion that is more sad for Albert then it is for the St Louis fan base.

You see Albert will never be revered and celebrated by the St Louis fan base like such greats as Ted Williams, Joe Dimaggio, Mickey Mantle, Pee Wee Reese, Sandy Koufax, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Yogi Berra, Johnny Bench, Hank Aaron and Ernie Banks are by the franchises they played for in their careers because they played for the same teams (except Ruth of course but that was no fault of his own). He will be respected and he will be well thought of but he will not be like That Man, Gibson, Ozzie or Lou Brock are today.

Albert missed the boat and he will regret that decision some day, not from a financial perspective, but from an it means to be a true legend for a franchise. I know the game is different today then it was when some the greats I mentioned played and for sure some of those guys given the opportunity would have moved to another franchise but they are and continue to be the face of those franchises and they will forever be revered by their cities in a way that Albert and many other players like him will never know.

Good luck Albert! Thanks for your contribution. I will continue to wear my Musial # 6 gear for the rest of my life time as will many other St Louis fans. In twenty five years when you are attending a St Louis game and you see people with Musial, Gibson, Brock and Smith jerseys remember that could have been you!

How Many Banners Should UK Basketball Have

At the current count there are seven. Should there be more?

- 1966 – If Pat Riley is not sick with the flu then I say that it is worth ten points. Hang another.
- 1975 – Had the Louisville player, who was 28 for 28 on the season at the free throw line, not missed the front end of a one in one then UK plays Louisville vs UCLA and a retiring coach Wooden. Hang another.
- 1984 – No way this team should have lost period. Total fluke. Hang another.
- 1992 – In one or Ricky P’s only down moments as UK coach, putting to much emphasis on not fouling and not putting Timberlake guarding the inbounder and not fronting Lattener well you know the rest. This team overachieved. They could have beaten IU next game and they could have handled KU in the championship. Hard call. Odds are no!
- 1994 – Lost to a great Michigan team in OT in the final four. I think Michigan wins that game 7 out of 10 times.
- 1995 – As much talent as 96 team. Should have beaten UNC in regional championship and won it all. Hang another.
- 1997 – Team overachieved to get to championship game. Could have won the game if Ricky P plays Anderson in OT. I say no.
- 1999 – If not for a Bogans high ankle sprain add another.
- 2003 – Great team who ran into a bad second round match up. Team could have but losing in 2nd round tells me they could have lost at any time.
- 2010 – One of the most talented teams in UK History. Hard call on this one. They should have made it to final four at least.
- 2011 – They run into a hot UCONN team that in my opinion they should have beaten. Bad adjustments in game. Beat UCONN as they should have and hang another.
- 2012 – If Cal does not win this one then the critics will be chirping and they should. Best team he has had (2010 was more talented). The tournament is tough, tough, touch to win and if he gets his first one there will be multiples.

So in my opinion, figuring maybe they won one or two they maybe should not have I say they should have 11 or 12 NCAA championship banners hanging.

IU vs Kentucky

Taking a while for this to settle in (obviously). Not that Kentucky lost but the over the top behavior of the a portion of the IU fan base before, during and after the game all the way down to those We’re Back T Shirts.

Before the game there was some very crazy stuff people had posted on Twitter about Cal, Kentucky in general and of course the University of Kentucky. Of course it is Twitter and 95% of the people who use this Social Media outlet use it for the purpose of showing their lack of intelligence and the fact that they can hide behind what they say and have no accountability. The usual shit was posted, Cal is a cheater, everyone in Kentucky is an in bred hillbilly, etc, etc.

During the game one texted me at the start of the game and his comment was that is was very hostile in Assembly Hall. Pumped up is good but hostile is tough and taking things a little too far IU fans. One of them said that he had some words with one guy and that is was close to coming to blows and finally one texted me when the game ended and said I fear for my life at this point.

On that Monday I talked to my third buddy who was at the game and said the students were out of control and the main source of the bad behavior. He even said they had a guy come and shake their hand and thank them from coming to the game so that is a positive sign.

So why the bad behavior or what I consider over the top behavior?

1. IU has not been relevant in basketball since Mike Davis took them to the Final Four.

2. In the 90’s Knights teams started to not be what they had been (I say Knights teams because he had become bigger then the program).

3. From Davis to Sampson to Dakich to Crean

4. Since Crean has been at IU they are under 500 overall and in the Big 10 (of course better this year)

5. IU is 5 and 16 in the last 21 games against UK

Take #1, #2 and #4 and #5 and you have a young student fan base who has no idea what it is to have your University when a big game at home against a #1 team. Act like you been there before right? Well most of them had not!

So I think I at least understand why there were some fans over the top. Next year at Rupp I will guarantee you the type of behavior displayed by IU fans will not be what the UK faithful does, win or lose.


- Never gets old, St Louis Cardinals, World Series Champions!

- Guy just said during Vandy and Harvard game that Vandy was coming off a shocker win over UK. Disagree. I was not shocked or surprised. Most experienced team in college basketball (Vandy) and they were ranked top ten to star the year. I like Tommy Amaker and glad he is getting a second chance.

- Totally ditched that I did not go to Honda Classic this year but I did trade off six days of golf at Hilton Head in June.

- Wow! WKU Toppers got hosed in football this year! They finished strong this year! I am not one that has an issue with the bowl games but I think their could be a better system in place to select teams especially when a 6 and 7 UCLA gets in a bowl because they played in their conference championship game. Making up for it in basketball late in the season.

- Bob Knight = Total JackAss

- Digger Phelps = Total JackOff

- Hey haters. Coach Cal led effort to raise over $400,000 for Tornado relief.

- I like that with Navy joining the Big East I will get to see them play live more often but wish they would have stayed independent. Even though it is the Big East this is a big step up for a service academy school.

- Check out, “It Might Get Loud”. Pretty good music show about guitar playing with Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge.