Sunday, April 08, 2012

Big Blue Wins The Ship!

I Can’t Make This Up

UK winning is no different that Auburn paying Cam 200 grand for a NC in football. $EC! $EC! The North should have chopped off all your peckers after they burned your civilization to the ground so you couldn't breed you ignorance into the rest of mankind's gene pool. Good thing the only significance the south has on the planet earth today is being the dirt poor and ignorant part of the US.
BC – Wow!

This is fake. A year or two from now, it'll be revealed that Calipari broke rules like he did in Memphis and the season will be forfeited like with Memphis. And if it doesnt go down that way it'll be because the NCAA covers it up.
BC – Misinformed. Cal never broke rules at UMass or Memphis! Check the facts. The The NCAA is going to cover this up, HA, HA! The NCAA president is on a mission to get Cal.

If Calipari was such a great coach, why won't he make more of an effort to keep a freshman in school longer? Oh yeah, nice uni-brow dude! A couple pieces of advice to the uni-brow; stay in school and get an education! Your dad is rich, you don't need to go to the NBA to get paid! You ain't all that yet, perhaps in 3 more years, maybe! Right now? Nah!
BC- So he would love for these kids to stay in school longer and actually he thinks the kids should be able to go straight to the NBA (which is the way the rule should be). As the rule stands Cal is getting them ready to go make millions! ‘Fear The Brow!” Even his mom wears the unibrow shirt. As for AD is not all of that multiple people have said he is the best player in the tournament in two decades and is the second coming of Bill Russell from being able to rebound, block shots, make free throws, get assists, steals, play great defense and oh yea he can score also. This guy should put the crack pipe down.

I hope the Negro College Athletes Association (NCAA) publishes the Grades of each student athlete next to the course they take. It may be a wishfull thinking but as taxpayers for higher learning we have the right to know.
BC- UK team had an overall 3.0 average. UK Baskeball has the highest APR in SEC. UK Athletic scholarships are not paid for with any taxpayer money period! UK Athletic Department is not part of the University and is one of the largest donors to the school.

Being a long-time Louisville pains me to say this.......(gulp)......congratulations UK on winning national title. You courted the best team money can buy. Oops....did I just say that?
BC – Typical Chickenhead and why I pay no attention to their team and the idiotic spewing that comes from their fan base in general.

Don't worry, they'll be vacating it in a year or two. Calipari be Calipari.
BC – Dream on and check the facts on Cal.

If the red, white, and blue played the UK 10 times, the red, white, and blue would beat them 9 times out of 10. Pure lucky for the UK!
BC – Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. He got that backwards.

how many minutes did white players play for uk? 1.5 minutes
BC – Again Kentucky is the one that are supposed to be racists.

Is it true Rupp showered with young boys?

Ya know even as somone who detests UK b ball i fet bad when ppl shouted out A. Davis and calling him ugly unibrow...but whats even uglier is being a cheat. O well thats the SEC for ya.
BC – Ignorance is a disease!

Those hillbillies will be sending their kids to school for years wearing national championshipt t-shirts and sweaters
BC – Just love these. I am sure this person has never been to the Bluegrass. The Commonwealth is a beautiful place and not everyone lives in the mountains.

let the investigations begin!
BC – What are they going to investigate? Can you shed some light?

IF, John C. does to Kentucky like he did to Memphis, the banners will come down! AND He is Highly Capable of doing it again!:( After he has cheated what now at least 2 TIMES?With U Conn and Memphis.. and Maybe somewhere else, I don't remember, as I've had 4 strokes..:(
BC – I think he just had his fifth!

Kentucky, I hope he don't' cheat you all! BUT, from what I've know He is a snake in the grass!
BC – Knows nothing about Cal obviously.

I hate Kentucky basketball with a passion
BC – This is how I know we are back on top!

Cal has proven another thing over the years -- he can't win in the NBA, where everyone is a professional player.
BC – Not sure but I think this person is saying UK has all professionals and the other colleges do not. If UK does not recruit Kidd-Gilchirst, Anthony Davis and Marques Teague then they go to school somewhere else for one year.

He coaches within the rules? He should be compensated by the NBA for sending them so much talent. A go between? Almost like an agent to his recruits. Sign with me and you are guaranteed millions of dollars in a very short time
BC – WTF? With the NBA rule all the college coaches are in this spot. So if you want to be a millionaire and the NBA scouts are saying we would draft this kid right out of high school what school are you going to attend. Even coach K has one and dones!

congrats to John "Cheating sack of crap" Calapari.
BC- Cal is a good man. People just do not take the time to find out what he is about.

It's just like the yankees, the team with the biggest payroll won...!!!
BC- Ha, Ha, Ha, Next!

Sadly, Calipari's approach will have visions of fame and fortune dancing in the heads of the teenagers he recruits..a few will succeed in the NBA..the vast, vast majority will be looking for a menial job in a year or two never shaking their youthful fantasies and finding it extremely difficult to
BC – Look at the guys who have played for Cal and left college early for the Pro’s. Tells a really different story!

The best championship money can buy! Thanks Coach C.
BC – Yes UK is paying their players! Please.

Here's an idea: for any kid who receives a full ride and doesn't stay for a prescribed period of time, perhaps two years, that kid needs to repay the university for their scholarship. To me, it's ridiculous that we use state tax dollars to fund the "education" for these kids, have them not gruaduate, and go on to make millions. That money could be put to a much better use.
BC – As mentioned before the UK athletic department is fully funded with revenue and no state tax dollars period. They are one of the top donors to the University. No state tax dollars needed.

We will find out what the NCAA sanctions are next year, once all the talent is in the NBA. That is Cal's true legacy.
BC – What is UK being investigated for? Can you shed some light on this situation for us?

The List

The Coach After Eddie
The guy at work who said you’ll get’em in there and get them on your payroll quickly
The Mayor of Louisville
Steve Kerr
Clark Kellog
The Chickenhead who told me last Friday that UK looked scared
Pete Thamel
Jim Litke
Mike Freeman
Tony Vanetti
Greg Anthony
Colin Cowturd
“Laugh” Lin Mclain
Terry Meiners
Digger Phelps
Bobby Knight
All the crazy people like the ones above who post nonsense about UK
IU fans with their Were Back T-Shirts

How you like the UK Wildcats now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Championship – A Fans Take

Awesome! Nothing like it! In six months I have been able to celebrate my Redbirds winning the World Series and now my Wildcats winning the NCAA Basketball Championship!

This run this season has been great. It started with a 50 point victory over Marist with Davis getting 10 boards, 3 assists, 5 blocks and 23 points as a sign of things to come. Next was a ten point victory over Kansas where the team showed it’s balance and Davis collected seven more blocks.

An exciting 73 to 72 victory over UNC at Rupp where Kidd-Gilchrist and Miller showed they could be counted on as the season progressed and oh yea, Davis had another huge block. Next was the only regular season blemish against IU where Davis was plagued with foul trouble, T Jones had his worst game as a Wildcat but Kidd and Teague showed the flashes that you knew what type of players they were going to be.

After a hard fought victory over Louisville on New Years Eve (followed by the best New Years Eve meal I think I have ever had) was followed with a sweep through the SEC where the team was only threatened twice during the season (at Vandy and at Tennessee).

A tough battle with Florida in the SEC tournament was then followed by a loss to Vandy in the SEC Championship Game that to me was a wake up call the team needed. The Vandy game was also a tough game for a team that really only played seven players playing their third game in three days.

The march to the championship was a great run with victories over the #16, #9, #17 and #6 ranked teams to win it all. Of course this included avenging a loss to IU and beating Rick Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals in the National Semifinal game.

This team was very special. The way they played defense from the start of the year was amazing for such a young bunch but of course Davis and Kidd Gilchrist were great defenders before they even came to UK and both Lamb and Jones learned to be great defenders in their two years under Coach Cal’s tool age. Jones will never get the credit he deserves on defense and what kind of player he was for this team and the sacrifices he made for the sake of the team.

Teague at one point this year was one of the most criticized players in college basketball and his play in the Louisville game and the Championship game showed what a talent and a cool customer he turned into during his baptism by fire season. The big three he hit during the championship game towards the end with the shot clock running out will be something I always remember.

Wiltjer and Vargas played great rolls during the entire season and of course it did not get any better for a guy named Darius, once dubbed Disappearus, who last year and this year played as good as anyone on the team at both ends of the floor. A player who accepted what his role would be and has probably played himself into an NBA career (the NBA loves winners). Way to go home boy!

Now to Cal and of course his great staff. No doubt he is a great X and O guy. You do not get to the final four on four occasions with three different teams and not be able to coach. The thing though that I like the most is Cal brought to Kentucky was an attitude of I get it, I understand what UK Basketball means, I understand the history, I understand the legends and I am the guy who has been entrusted with this storied program that means to much to the fan base. I get the expectation is to get the best players and win championships and at some surpass UCLA in the number of Championships.

All you have to do is go back and watch Cal’s press conference when he was hired and watch him asking where Herky Rupp is and also looking for Mrs. Keightly. Follow him on twitter and you will see the amount of time he spends communicating directly to the UK fan base in a way that is just truly awesome.

Outtake from Gregg Doyel Article on

NEW ORLEANS -- Here it comes. Can you hear it? Can you smell it? I can. Sounds unfair and smells bad, like the dried-vomit aroma that parts of New Orleans just can't get rid of. But here it comes, and I'm not talking about the vomit but something that offends my senses almost as much:
The idea that Kentucky is bad for basketball.

You know what I'm talking about. You know the idea. It's not my idea, but it's out there. It's everywhere. Kentucky -- OK, Kentucky coach John Calipari -- recruits basketball players who come to college (gasp) just to play basketball. Calipari courts them, signs them, rolls the ball onto the court and watches them win 30 games a year while he's texting Worldwide Wes and lining up his next recruiting class of one-and-done Neanderthals.

That's the idea, and with Kentucky in the national title game, we have a 24-hour news cycle for it to waft into your nostrils. Not that we needed Kentucky to qualify for the title game Monday against Kansas. That idea is already out there. It's everywhere. A good friend of mine at the newspaper in Orlando used the occasion of Kentucky's victory at Florida's home finale this season to lament that "this, sadly, is what college basketball has become -- a temp agency for rogue UK coach John Calipari."

Calipari, my friend from Orlando wrote, "refuses to apologize for signing the best players in the country even when he must know his program is nothing more than a glorified AAU squad."

That idea. Put forward last week by a guy in San Diego who said Calipari "continually stoops to conquer ... his success stems from cutting corners and circumventing education."

Because big-time college basketball is about education on other campuses -- just not at Kentucky. It's about education at Duke, where saintly Mike Krzyzewski has lost a one-and-done point guard two years in a row. It's about education at North Carolina, where ol' Roy Williams has seen 11 players leave early for the NBA in the past seven years. It's about education everywhere but Kentucky, where it's about something more sinister.

That's the idea. An idea put forward recently by no less an authority than NCAA president Mark Emmert, who channeled his inner Bob Knight and talked about Kentucky without ever talking about Kentucky when he said "the one-and-done rule ... forces young men to go to college that have little or no interest in going to college. It makes a travesty of the whole notion of student as an athlete."

As if the NCAA itself doesn't make a travesty of the notion of the student as an athlete by inviting 132 men's and women's basketball teams to a tournament every March that will remove the most successful kids from campus for damn near a month. But never mind about that, because the NCAA isn't under attack here. Calipari is -- even as Calipari himself attacks the rule that forces a kid who is ready to play in the NBA to spend a year at college.

"I don't apologize -- it's not my rule," Calipari said Sunday. "I don't like the rule. ... There's only two solutions to it: Either I can recruit players who are not as good as the players I'm recruiting, or I can try to convince guys that should leave [for the NBA] to stay for me."

BC - This article pretty much sums it up and points out that the other big schools are having the same issues. What the NBA has done is set it up where the teams do not waste money on an untested high school player and get to see that kid in college for a year to get a preview. Bad rule for college and good rule for the NBA.


- Mickelson’s flop shot on 15 Saturday was so good and so different then any other players would do in that position that if you listen close Faldo is saying, ‘Oh no’ like the though Phil had hit it in the water.

- Freddie, Freddie! If he could only play the first five holes at Augusta.

- Wow. One week Tiger is back and this week he is whacked. The guy will never be the same between the ears I think. His window of beating Jack’s record for majors is gone. The guy really threw a dream life away! He will win another major or two.

- So happy for Bubba Watson winning a green jacket. He has no swing coach or putting coach or sports psycholigist.

- Great to see Tubby and his wife Donna in attendance for UK’s victory on Monday. Tubby is the next guy to get a banner in Rupp Arena and yes I think AD gets one also because he is truly the greatest freshmen and one of the best ever to play at UK. AD is a guy that Coach Rupp would have truly loved because of what he brought to the floor!

- Cal is staying, no question about it. He said after the game his next goal is an undefeated season because everyone says it can’t be done.

- The Chickens and IU will be very, very, very good teams next year. Gag me! LOL.

- UK is likely to lose Davis, Jones, Lamb, Kidd and maybe Teague. Teague should stay but I see no reason that any of the others should hang around. I would not be surprised if Lamb stayed.

- Althon Sports ranked the SEC football coaches for next year and to no surprise Joker is dead last although I think he may be a tad bid better then Dooley at UT. Petrino loses his job at Arkansas, sits out a year. Joker goes 3 and 9 and is fired enter Bobby P.