Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Fans Take - Why I Love Sports is Obvious

Ryder Cup

I have not been able to watch golf since the Ryder Cup. I am not sure if that event impacts people the way it does me but by far it has become one of my favorite sporting events to watch. I thought going into this event that the US would win and the event would get back to an event that the home team would win 90% of the time. I am not so sure now.

By far the last two Ryder Cups have been two of the most exciting I have watched (outside of the one that I went to which was the greatest sporting event I have ever attended). The event in general just does not come down to the last two matches and this year and two years ago that was how the event played out.

There are people that blame Tiger, blame Davis, blame Stricker, blame Furyk, etc, etc. Me I credit the European team for not giving up and playing stellar golf and I also think one lucky putt by Justin Rose on #17 against Phil on Sunday is the thing that really turned the event around.

When Mickelson came wihtin inches of chipping the ball in on #17 I have to admit I thought the US Team had it locked up. At that point with where Rose was on the green, putting to that pin you had to think a two putt would be a challange because if anything he was going to roll it by four or five feet trying to make birdie so Phil has at least a half.  If that putt does not end up in the hole I think the comebacker would have been difficult to make. A miss on the comebacker then the Ryder Cup is over and the US wins. If Phil gets a half (instead of losing) and Tiger gets a half (I think Tiger wins his match if Phil gets the half) then the score is 14.5 to 13.5 US or possibly even gets 15 points to 13 points because I think Stricker or Furyk end up with a half.

Sure Stricker played bad the entire time and Tiger took allot of heat for his play but if you look at what he did in both the morning and afternoon matches on Friday and when he played on Saturday on the back nine he played some great golf. Excpetional golf in my opinion and one one played the bag nine better during the matches. Furyk played OK but he folded under the pressure as did Stricker on Sunday. I did not care of the matchups that Love put out there on day 1 although it did work out but the biggest issue I have is why he did not pair Tiger with Bubba. That to me is better pairing then Woods and Stricker. I love Stricker's game but he does not have a pulse and I think Tiger needs to play with someone who matches or exceeds his emotion.

Love said he let the players play when they wanted, play who they wanted to play with and sit when they wanted to sit and to me that is a mistake and not how you coach a team. Keegan Bradley proved he is a golfing savant, Dufner showed he has game and I thought Phil played his best Ryder Cup of his career. Despite all of that I think the Euros for some reason are still a better team. I am a big believer in what Zinger did with the team in 2008 with the pod system he introduced with the players and created more of a team environment for the US.

Hard to say what happens in 2014 but I think the home team should always win so it will be 2016 before the US has a real shot to win the cup back. I do not hate the Euros in any way shape or form. I do think Ian Poulter is somewhat of a Jackass and although he plays Ryder Cup well what else has he ever won to warrant the shit he talks? Also for someone who puts down Americans many times he should remember if it was not for American golf, the dollars he has earned would not be there and his comments about Tiger are totally off base because Poulter and all the other golfers need to recognize that Tiger made them all multi, multi millionaires.

Of course it is easy to play Monday morning QB with Davis Love and his captains picks but he should have went with Mahan and/or Van Pelt vs. Stricker and/or Furyk. For me I will be over the loss in a few months but for now it still stings a bit!

UK Football

What can you say? First and foremost I was never a big fan of Joker's play calling in general when he was OC. Yes he helped win some big games, yes he is a good recruiter but I still say that he and Brooksy took a 9 or 10 win team with the most talent I have seen at UK ever and coached them down to 7 and 5.

I like Joker, think he is a good guy and I think the players like him but he is obviously not someone who can develop talent. He promotes how young we are with all the freshmen and sophomores but forgets he was here and did not develop current junior and senior class so he is throwing himself under the bus when he says this. I am not buying the to young card and that he needs another year. Let someone else take this young talent and turn them into winners and get the program back to competive. What happend to Larod King, EJ Fields, Aaron Boyd, Morgan Newton (before the surgery) along with a host of other players who failed to develop?

The SEC is going to an eight game schedule at some and that is going to hurt UK and not help them unless they get a coach in who will implement an offense that will ultize the speed UK must recruit at the skill postions and create a system like Texas Tech, TCU, La Tech, Boise State and now Washington State have where it is about the system and not so much about the players. UK does need to address facility issues for the team but that is going to need to be done like the other schools are allowed to do in the SEC by selling bonds that give the Athletic Department the money they need to make these improvements. No one is advocating long-term debt and doing this would take nothing what so ever away from the University because remember the Athletic Deparment stands on it's own and donates quite a bit of money to the University each year. So that arguement does not stand up.

Joker is done after the loss to Georgia unless he somehow wins three of the last four game. I am hoping that he resigns after UK loses to Vanderbilt which will allow UK to get a jump on the coaching search ahead of the other openings there is going to be in the SEC (UT, Arkansas, Auburn and possibly Missouri). UK will also be competing against U of L for an up and comer coach who is looking for a stepping stone to a bigger job (like OC at Texas Tech, Coach at La Tech to name a few). As for UK's next coach. It needs to be someone who is going to excite the fan base. David Cutcliffe is not going to excite the fan base and I have a bad feeling that he is going to be the next guy based on his success at Duke and his connection to current AD Mitch Barnhart. UK can do better! Let's hope they do.

Sorry Joker but you took us down from a point where the program finally is getting some respect and turned this program into an embarressment! I understand we are young and playing allot of freshmen but that tells another story that you failed to develop any of the current Juniors and Seniors into SEC football playes. If you had not been on the staff since 2001 and were truly in your first three years then I would give you another year but you do not get that pass.

As for this team.  I do see some talent there.  Just needs to be devleped.  Need a coach that is going to run a scheme on both offense and defense that is not something SEC teams see every week which makes playing against UK a tough week (Like Navy, Army, La Tech, Texas Tech, Washington State, Boise State, etc.) 


- No matter what happens the run of the Redbirds the last two years is outstanding for a fan. I am still so so glad that they did not resign Puljos for the crazy money he wanted so they can invest in the great young talent pool of players they have with pitchers and position players. Great group of young pitchers.

- Tough times for my wife at my house with the Reds folding. I did not see that one coming.

- No disappointment here that Yankees are done. I do hate what happened to Jeter.

- UK Basketball continues to reload. The ESPN stuff last week and the All Access going forward is great stuff for the program. So glad to have a coach like Cal who gets what UK Basketball means and setting the bar so high. I also continue to live the negative shit that people post and say about Cal and UK and that Cal sees the All Access as a way to get the RIGHT story out there.
- I like the new baseball wild card but I think there needs to be a best of three for this series (get rid of some of the off days for the LDS and LCS to help accomidate this change.
- I play college fantasy football, college pick'em against the spread and fantasy NFL even though I am not an NFL guy. I suck bad this year at Pick'em and after winning the NFL league last year this year is a struggle. I won the college league also last year and through eight weeks I am in second place.

- Going to create my own college fantasy league next year and only use the big conferences (SEC, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 and independents for the player pool to make it interesting).

- Golf was pretty good this year although my handicap did creep up to a 9. After allot of club changes I finally went back to Ping ISI-K irons, Callaway driver and R11 knock offs for my three wood, five wood, 3 hybrid and 4 hybrid. I also am carrying a hybrid instead of a five iron and that has proven to be a good move. My wife and I played quite a bit this year and I plan on getting my ass back in good physical shape over the winter so I can get my game back.