Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Basketball Is Over, Now We Are Cooking!

The UK Basketball Season

Yahoo sports writer Pat Forde wrote that UK basketball was as it's lowest point since probation in of 90 and 91.  Not true Dumb ass, not true! 

UK basketball was at that point five years ago when the BCG mess unfolded over two seasons.  Mitch Barnhart somehow managed to keep his job despite this mess but redeemed himself by bringing in Cal. 

I do not remember Issel playing for UK but I do have memories of the year after he left UK thanks to my Mom who introduced me to UK basketball.  This puts me at my 40th anniversary of UK basketball and in that time there have been two low points for me.  Ready Eddies last year as coach was a disaster as was his entire time at UK.  Eddie was battling the same demons that BCG battled when he was at UK where both took a job that was just bigger then they were.  So in that 40 years I can literally say there have been two low points or two years out of forty or three when you count this year.  There have been some seasons that have ended in disappointment but that does not mean the entire season was a disappointment.   

UK has a bad group of kids this year who just never embraced each other or the coaches.  This is going to happen from time to time especially in the society of today where everyone gets or expects a trophy.  All in all I they are good kids but obviously Harrow and Goodwin were just not real coachable.  Goodwin showed spurts of some great talent and if he learns to play defense he can be an average NBA player so time will tell.  Harrow, unfortunately, is just a head case but I wish the kid the best of luck for him and his family. 

So what does this season me for the UK now and in the future?  Nothing, zero, zip, nada.  Programs, all programs, have ups and downs.  UK had a three year run of up, up and up and had they not run into a hot, hot WVA team and UConn the next year they could have won one more in that three year run.  A year like this year is a good humbling experience for the coaches, players and the fan base.  You cannot coach chemistry only try to do things to encourage chemistry. 

The UK  basketball program is in fine shape and is in good hands with Coach Cal.  They have a great group of kids coming in next year and they will blend well with the current group.  UK will be back next year and this past season will be long forgotten.  GBB!

UK Football

As I have said for many years, even before Mumme showed up, if you want to compete in football in the SEC at UK you are going to have to be willing to do something different vs. trying to play smash mouth football.  Curry tried it and it did not work.  Brooksy tried it and they were competitive but he never got over the hump.  Why? 

First thing is depth.  UK will never have the depth of Bama, Florida, Auburn, Tennessee and LSU.  Those schools are able to recruit at a different level and they are truly in the South which gives them an advantage to start. 

Facilities.  UK is planning to make massive improvements over the next several years to their football facilities and with some success on the field this will be some great momentum for the program and hopefully create a better environment for the program. 

Coaches.  UK is not going to ever be able to hire a name coach who is an established and successful head coach so the job needs to become a stepping stone job.  Enter Mark Stoops!  Great hire for UK and hire I just did not think they could make.  The ideal coach who is a defensive minded coach who brought in someone to run the exact offensive scheme you have to run at UK to compete.  The excitement around this program is like nothing I have seen in my 40 years of following UK football! 

How much success can Stoops have?  How long will he stay if he gets UK over the hump and wins eight or nine games?  All great questions but for a fan I am not going to focus on anything but the present and enjoy the moment.  He seems like a great guy and is embracing the school and the community. 

The Air Raid attack is back and UK is going to play fast and that is very, very important from an opportunity to out scheme the great teams in the SEC. 

  • No one can believe that I watched a total of about 30 mins of the NCAA Tournament.  Just no interest.  Comes down to this, if it is not the Redbirds, Bats, Navy Midshipmen, UK, Bama or SEC Football I am not paying attention. 
  • To all the IU fans who say Crean is doing it the right way how is that working out for you?  Two early entries, you said that would not happen, and Crean is 84 and 82 in his career at IU.  Guy is over-rated. 
  • The Coach After Eddie.  How he gets away with the things he has since being at U of L?  Not sure who is more of a narcissus Rick, The Drunk AD or the current King Oblamo the 1st.  Probably a tie between the three.  You would think he would be humble but he is opposite of humble.
  • Wow!  How much surgery has CAE's wife had.  She looks like Joan Rivers or some kind of monster
  • I will say congrats to U of L on winning it all.  I was always a fan of the Ville in the 70's and 80's just not anymore. 
  • The Chickenheads need to get rid of that ridiculous L sign they make and do a V for the Ville.  The loser sign is just ridiculous. 
  • The Bats have a center fielder, Billy Hamilton, who is the second coming of Vince Colemen.  I have been to two games so far and seen him steal five bases. 
  • I do not think that UK's 9th Championship will be as tough to win as the Chickens had with their 3rd or IU is having with their 5th. 
  • Alford to UCLA is an interesting hire.  Could Steve end up at IU if Crean cannot get them to the next level? 
  • Master's should be a great one this year.  I finally own Master's swag.  My good buddy Dale Thomas, aka Yama, was at a practice round on Tuesday and hooked me up.  Thanks Yama! 
  • Really into baseball this year.  Listening to allot of games on the Internet.  Found my new favorite play by play guy, the San Diego Padres guy.  He is really good.

I will hang up and listen! 

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