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Chunky, Funky and Punky

Dance Team

I have no issues with this lady. Chunky? Maybe a little but I do not see the issue or why someone would have an issue.

Ridiculousness Abounds

I am just speechless. First IU prints T-Shirts that say “We’re Back” after they win a non conference home game in December of 2012. Then the team they beat beats them when it counts, in a game that was a great college basketball like the non con game in December.

Next IU cuts down the nets after a home loss because they clinched a tie for the B10 title A tie (they do end up winning the B10 outright), Next IU’s coach berates an assistant coach from another team, ‘ruining the IU program” when the person responsible for that is Bobby Knight. Next there is number one seed T-Shirts and then they are bounced in the tournament.

Now if that was not enough The Coach After Eddie gets a tattoo. I just have no idea what to even say about this one. Just when you think you have seen it all you see something else that puts a look on your face like you took an ambien and woke up outside in the street naked (stole that line from Dennis Miller). Rick just needs to grow a line beard now and start listening to rap music (nothing wrong with rap music I have plenty on my I Pod) and he will fit right in with their fan base.

At this point I would fully support the banner in Rupp Arena for him and one Richie Farmer comes down. Both are an embarrassment to University of Kentucky and the fan base and it is time to part ways with them both.

It is not that the Coach After Eddie won it all in 2013 (to be honest I cannot understand why he took so long) or that he did it at Louisville but it starts with that he is arrogant enough to think that going to one of Kentucky’s rival schools is OK. I guess his punishment is he has to wake up everyday and look at that face (not his but his grossly reconstructed wife’s).

Woody Hayes would have never went to Michigan, Bo to OSU, Dean Smith to Duke, Coach K to UNC, Bear to Auburn or Dye to Bama because they respect the schools they came from. That is the issue I have with this arrogant SOB.


The College Football Playoff

I like the format. I like that we will be back to games being played on New Years Day. I do not mind the name either, The College Football Playoff. This format continues to make the regular season relevant, very relevant and that is very important to me.

For the SEC, ACC, P12 and B10 the Championship Game will be rewarded with a spot, as they should and it looks like the B12 Conference winner gets a spot in the bowl games.

At the end of the year there are only 4 to 6 teams who deserve a spot in this playoff so the set up is really perfect. Money will cause it to expand but I hope it does not go past eight teams when it does. To me there will always be a team that may be left out but they are left out because of a loss or in a rare occurrence a weak schedule (will not happen often).

This playoff keeps the bowls in place and I think it is important for schools to have a chance to get that extra month of practice, have a place for their fans to travel to play a non traditional opponent.

Here is an excerpt from the New York Times on how it works:


The conference commissioners who spent more than a year putting the playoff together cringe when it's suggested that the new system is BCS 2.0, but to understand how it works, it helps to keep in mind how the Bowl Championship Series worked.

In the BCS, there were four, and then later five games played each season. Only one, the national championship game, had anything to do with the national championship. The others were glitzy bowl games played in showcase stadiums that — hopefully — had compelling matchups. Six conferences had automatic bids to those games, and other teams could earn automatic entry.

The new system will have a total of seven games, including two national semifinals and a final that will determine the national champion. The four other games will be glitzy bowl games played in showcase stadiums that — hopefully — will have compelling matchups. There will no longer be automatic bids for six conference champions, as was the case for the BCS. Now five conferences (the Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, ACC and Pac-12) each have guaranteed a spot for their conference champion in either the semifinals or one of the four glitzy bowls. There will also be a guaranteed spot for the best team from the five FBS conferences (the Big East, soon to be the American Athletic Conference, Mountain West, Sun Belt, Conference-USA and Mid-American).


The selection committee will, for the most part, make the matchups. Foremost it will seed the top four teams in the country, setting up the semifinals. No. 1 will play No. 4. No. 2 will play No. 3. The committee will try as best it can to avoid giving the lower-seeded team a geographical advantage. For example, if LSU is seeded fourth the committee is unlikely to let the Tigers play a semifinal in New Orleans.

The selection committee will also set some of the matchups in the glitzy bowls, with a priority on getting as many highly ranked teams as possible into the games.

But this is important: when the Rose Bowl does not host a semifinal it will always be Big Ten vs. Pac-12. The Sugar Bowl in years it does not host a semifinal will always be Southeastern Conference vs. Big 12. The Orange Bowl in the years it does not host a semifinal will always be Atlantic Coast Conference vs. either an SEC team, a Big Ten team or Notre Dame.


None. Unlike the BCS, which capped the number of teams from a conference at two, in the new system there is no limit to how many teams a league can put in the two semifinals or the other bowls. Four SEC teams? Sure, why stop there.


The semifinals will rotate through six bowl games: the Rose (Pasadena), Orange (Miami), Sugar (New Orleans), Fiesta (Glendale, Ariz.), Cotton (Arlington, Texas) and Chick-fil-A (Atlanta). When those games don't host a semifinal, they will put on one of the glitzy bowls.

The championship game will be bid out like the Super Bowl and move all over the country. The first one will be played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, also home of the Cotton Bowl.

5. WHEN?

Three games will be played back-to-back-to-back on New Year's Eve and there will be another tripleheader on New Year's Day. Adjustments will be made if Dec. 31 or Jan. 1 falls on a Sunday so as to not conflict with the NFL.

The championship game will always be played on a Monday, at least a week after the semifinals.

The first season the semifinals will be in the Rose and Sugar bowls on Jan. 1, 2015. The Rose will kickoff around 5 p.m. EST. The Sugar around 8:30 p.m. EDT.

The championship game in Texas will be played Jan. 12, and kickoff around 8:30 p.m.

The Rose and Sugar bowls will always be played on New Year's Day, so in most seasons the semifinals will be played on New Year's Eve.

6. TV

All these games will be shown on ESPN. It has reportedly paid about $7.2 billion for the entire package.


About 85 percent of it will go to the Big Five conferences. The other five will split the rest, but don't feel too badly for them. Most will be making about five times the amount they made with the BCS.


The idea was to make it similar to the one that puts together the NCAA basketball tournament, made up of athletic directors and conference commissioners. But make no mistake, this will be much tougher to put together, and the commissioners know that.

"This is an issue of considerable complexity and given how much time we have until the playoff begins, we're in no rush," BCS executive director Bill Hancock said Thursday, the final of three days of meetings at a resort hotel in the Rose Bowl's backyard.

Everything is apparently still up for debate, from who will be on the committee — current or former athletic administrators? — to how many people will be on it — 16? 18? 20? — to what kind of metrics and rankings it will be given to guide decisions.

On to the real topic, recruiting. – By Final Four Ken (AKA Ken Lawson)

First point; there are zero pro prospects on the UL team. My wife typed in “Rick Pitino’s Health” and she found every article written about Ricky P’s affairs.

When Cal was at Memphis I was not happy that one coach was already getting the top players, two or three. Then I started doing some research. If you look at coach K’s roster this year you will discover that every player on his roster was either number 1 or number 2 at his position. This year coach K signed #2, #19 and #20. His technique is a little different that Cal in that he recruits suburban kids. These kids typically stay 3 to 4 years because their families have more resources. Coach K has been doing this every year for the past 32 years and no one says a word. No outrage. No questions about character or cheating.

Next, Roy Williams recruits much like Cal. Roy has been recruiting McDonalds All Americans for a lot longer period of time. Roy has been signing at least two top ten recruits every year. A quick review of the last 5 seasons for Roy reveals that he has started players who have been either number 1 or number 2 at their position. Again, not one word about character or cheating. History shows Roy has been caught on several occasions on the wrong side of the rules. This is not discussed anywhere at all.

Bill Self also recruits very well. Kansas always signs a top class. They don’t get as many. No one talks about an injustice or question how coach Self attracts so much talent to Kansas.

You can make the same case for Billy Donovan. Every year he successfully recruits 3 top ten players. His teams regularly have players who were number 1 or number 2 at their positions. There are zero character questions or out loud complaints about how Billy brings players to his program.

One of the best examples of questionable coaches is the dean of college basketball, Dean Smith. Can you find an explanation for this coach? Again, Dean Smith consistently recruited top recruits for 15 straight years. Were there any questions about Coach Smith’s character or recruiting improprieties? Not one word. If you review his roster you will find more number 1 players than number 2 players on every UNC roster. Under Coach Smith’s great coaching UNC made more final four appearances with less success than any other program. UNC was in every sweet sixteen for 15 straight years. All they have to show are two of the top questionable championships college basketball will ever remember.

Back to coach Calipari. He is outspoken about the one year requirement (his dislike) and yet he is questioned at every turn on every college basketball blog. If you review the last 100 articles regarding college basketball stories you will find at least one negative comment regarding Calipari cheating. The story doesn’t even have to reference Kentucky.

I think Coach Cal gets a bad wrap. Unless you do some research people may continue to question and dislike Coach Cal’s success.

I agree with Final Four Ken on all points! For me I think Dean Smith is still the most over-rated coach in the history of college basketball. To only win two championships with all the talent he had at UNC during his tenure is under achievement at its best. He also held MJ under 20 points a game which to me is next to impossible unless you run the four corners set.

Go Navy

Two weeks ago the Navy Football Team was awarded the Commander in Chief Trophy for the eighth time in ten years. This is a truly great accomplishment for the Middies and a tribute to their players and coaching staff.

If you missed the three games they were truly outstanding last year. The Army Navy game was one of the best in recent memory and in the end I was as sad for the Army Team as I was happy for Navy.

Navy looks to have another great year in 2013. Former starting QB Trey Miller has been moved to slot back as Sophomore Kennan Reynolds has the job locked down. Navy is not very experienced at the Wing Back position so moving Miller out there will help. As for Reynolds he is going set allot of records at Navy. From the Navy Website:

“Reynolds saw action in all 13 games, starting the final eight games of the year. Named the Independent Rookie of the Year by the nationwide media panel responsible for the FBS Independent Player of the Week awards. Help to anchor an offensive unit that finished the year ranked sixth nationally in rushing offense, averaging 278.46 yards per game. Reynolds believed to be just the fifth TRUE freshman to win his first four career starts at quarterback. Notre Dame's Matt LoVecchio won his first seven starts as a true freshman in 2000, USC's Matt Barkley won his first six starts in 2009 and Tim Jefferson of Air Force won his first five starts as a freshman in 2008. “



- The Coach After Eddie to now grow a line beard, pierce his ears, wear a backwards ball cap and clothes that are to big for him to fit in.

- The media is really pushing the gay athlete agenda or the gay agenda period. Who cares? If someone is gay they are gay! I could care less about an athlete or anyone else being gay that is so yesterday’s news. Time to move to something that really matters.

- I cannot be more excited about UK Football.

- I love the Feherty show but I did not watch the Bobby Knight one because F Bobby Knight!

- As I have said before the only Cardinals I care about and whether they win or lose is the one that does not have teeth and sits on a bat and right now needs their bullpen to step up.

- Count me as a fan of golfer Billy Horschel. I think golf needs a bit more emotion at time and he shows it all over the place. Get a bit fired up sometimes!

- Coach After Eddie is like The Player Formally Known As Puljos, love what you did but you will never be legendary in the city you left.

- I think the large schools should form their own division (B10, B12, P12, ACC, SEC and Independents) in football.

I will hang up and listen!

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